Camping in Madison County, Ohio

Ohio to Erie Trail Ride: August 2015

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In 2015, the annual FMCPT fall ride covered 340 miles in five and one-half days on the Ohio to Erie Trail. The ride began in Cleveland on the Lake Erie pier at Voinovich Park near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and ended at the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati.

Thanks to Alan Knowles, who researched the trip and made reservations for our evening accommodations.

Thanks to Dan Hepp for providing a passenger van and custom trailer for the trip!

Thanks to Don Rutledge, who followed us from town to town and hauled our luggage in the support vehicle.

Thanks to Jim Price for finding us a guide, Dave Clark, who escorted us through the maze of construction on the city streets of Cleveland.

Thanks to Jody Dzuranin from the Friends of the Camp Chase Trail for our escort from Westerville into downtown Columbus on Tuesday, and again from downtown Columbus to the Camp Chase Trail on Wednesday.

Thanks to Monica Price and Cindy Allison for providing additional transportation and shuttle service between Cleveland and Cincinnati.

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Click on the following links to view a selection of photographs taken on the trip:

Saturday, 08/15: Cleveland to Akron - 42 mi

Sunday, 08/16: Akron to Millersburg - 70 mi

Monday, 08/17: Millersburg to Mt Vernon - 42 mi

Tuesday, 08/18: Mt Vernon to Columbus - 57 mi

Wednesday, 08/19: Columbus to Cedarville - 53 mi

Thursday, 08/20: Cedarville to Cincinnati - 76 mi

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