Camping in Madison County, Ohio
As you plan your trip on our trails in Madison County, please observe our Trail Safety and Courtesy Guidelines.

Currently the Madison County Park District does not allow horses on the Madison County trails. However, in case you visit any trails where horses are permitted, we are also providing Equestrian Safety and Courtesy Guidelines.

Midway Street to Maple Street

Midway Street

Downtown London Bike Route

If you ride about .1 mile East past the London Trailhead, the trail ends at Midway Street.

  • For several years we have been negotiating with Norfolk Southern Railroad to continue construction of the trail from Midway Street straight ahead along the low-use industrial rail spur corridor through downtown London, to the Maple Street trailhead.

In the meantime, London City Council has approved two separate bicycle routes through the streets of London to the Maple Street entrance of the Roberts Pass Trail.

  • One is a very low traffic route that is designed to be a simple by-pass around London.

  • The other alternative is a business route that would direct riders through the heart of Downtown London.

Click here for a larger, zoomable, printable pdf map

Plan your visit to Downtown London using this convenient pdf map created by Wilson Printing & Graphics to locate amenities available in London. A copy of this map is posted at the trailhead, and is also available in brochure form.

Click here for a larger, printable pdf map

Click here to continue your ride on the Roberts Pass Trail from Maple Street to Wilson Road.